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Where did “K-butt” go? - my toddler’s speech development

Ever since my son, Jesse, could talk, he called his older brother, Caleb, “K-butt!” I’m not sure how it came about, but that's what came out and the name stuck. Caleb didn’t mind much, but Jesse was the only person who was allowed to call him that name. If my husband or I jokingly called him “K-butt,” Caleb would respond, “Hey, my name is Caleb!”

When Jesse turned four, Caleb decided that Jesse was old enough to say his name correctly. After a week of trying to correct him, Caleb gave up and began answering to “K-butt” again.

In the last few months, my husband and I have been working with Jesse on his /l/ and /r/ sounds. If he said, “wah-we-pop,” we’d say, “oh do you want a lollipop?” (emphasizing the /l/ sound). Now he is correcting himself pretty consistently. For example, he is very excited about the Wall-e movie. We haven’t seen the movie, but every time we see an advertisement for it, Caleb and Jesse yell, “Hey, Wall-e!” Jesse still over exaggerates the /l/. So Wall-e becomes Wah - LLLE!

Last week, “K-butt” disappeared! Without any prompting, Jesse started to say Caleb’s name correctly. I’m so excited that he is progressing in his speech development, but honestly, I miss “K-butt!”

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