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Encourage Speech Development with a Sound Box

Each week I have asked you to use what is called a sound box. A sound box is a small box or bag filled with toys or objects that all begin with the same letter. If you don't have an item you can also cut out pictures from a magazine and add them to the sound box. When you create your sound box,  try to include 7-10 items that start with the sound you are focusing on. Your box can be simple (plain cardboard box) or you could decorate a box  - a laundry basket or felt bag would work too. Keep in mind that the more interesting and stimulating the box is to your child, the more he or she will engage and learn.

Watch the Video below for a demonstration of a Sound Box

Once you've gathered all the items,  put them into the box and sit down with your child. Ask your child to pick an item out of the box. Let's say you are focusing on the /p/ sound and your child pulls a stuffed piggie out of the /p/ sound box. You would say, "pig" and then repeat the /p/ sound. Then encourage your child to repeat the /p/ sound and/or say "pig."  As an additional way to engage and educate your child, you might also ask, "What does the pig say?" and then "oink" like a pig.  Books would be an excellent thing to include in your sound box as well.  For example, you could either read a book about pigs or point to all the pigs in the story and say, "pig."  You could also sing a song about pigs!

A sound box can be very beneficial because your child is both practicing sounds and learning to label objects . Learning the names of everyday household objects is a great way to encourage language development. I know that creating a sound box is the one activity that requires the most work, but please take the time to gather the objects and sit with your child for 10 minutes to go through the box. You will be glad that you did!

To make things a bit easier for you, I've put together a list of sound box ideas for each of the sounds included in the weekly speech calendar.

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