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Think Out Loud Some More

Speech Development Tip 5:  Use parallel talk as your child is doing an activity.

In my last blog, I talked about self talk - talking about what you're doing, what you see, and what you hear.  Self talk is one way you can give your child a positive speech environment.

Parallel talk is talking about what your son or daughter is doing.  It is similar to self talk and also strengthens your child's speech environment.  You can describe your son's play.  "Oh, you're stacking blocks...the blocks go up,up,up...uh-oh, blocks fall down!.. "  You can also describe your daughter's daily routines. "You're putting on clothes...there's your red sock...one sock on...two socks on...now your shirt...over your head...peek-a-boo...there you are!"

Remember, just like with self talk...
  • you don't have to expect a response.  You are just giving your child examples of correct speech.  You're helping your child be aware of his or her environment.  
  • Keep it simple.  Try to speak one step above your child's speech level. For example, if your child is labeling objects, talk in 2 to 3 word phrases. 
  • Speak intelligibly, don't mumble.

When you are playing with your child, you can practice self talk and parallel talk together.
For example, if you are playing with cars, you can describe what both of you are doing.  "Mommy's car is red...it goes fast...Oh, driving down the track...You're car is fast too...it's catching up...Oh no...CRASH!"

So here's your challenge...
Take time today to find two situations where you can THINK OUT LOUD!  Talk about what you're doing and talk about what your child is doing.

*this speech tip is introduced in week 5 of the speech calendar.
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