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Sing, Sing a Song!

Speech Development Tip 8:  Sing songs with your child.  Make up simple actions for your child to imitate.  This is a fun, non-threatening way to encourage speech. If your child is not using words yet, you can also sing sounds to a simple tune.

Why does singing songs help your toddler talk?*
Singing songs is like learning through play.  It takes the pressure off of structured learning.  

The repetition in toddler songs can also help children learn the basic structure of our language and build their vocabulary.

According to Sally Goddard Blythe (Director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology), "Putting words to music breaks them down into syllables, emphasises key consonants and slows down the sounds of speech.”

When children are imitating actions and singing they are using multiple senses.  The more senses we use, the more we learn.  During this fun activity, children will be using their voices to make sounds and words to rhythm.  They’ll be using their ears to hear voices and sounds.  They’ll be using their eyes to watch your movements.  Their whole bodies will work to learn coordination and rhythm.

*I took some this information from the following websites.  

If you would like to sing with your kids, but have forgotten some of the classics, this website has the lyrics to many toddler songs.

If you would like to purchase some CDs with songs that can help your child’s speech develop, this website maybe beneficial to you.
*I have not purchased these CDs myself, but listened to some of the samples and they sounded fun.

Remember:  You don’t have to have a beautiful voice to sing with your kids.  If you’re having fun, your kids will too!
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