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Do What they Do!

Week 9 Speech Development Tip: Imitate your childʼs actions, vocalizations, or words.

Make a game out of it.  Imitate your childʼs actions and encourage your child to imitate your actions or vocalizations. Describe the actions while you do it. For example, “Amber claps, now Mommy claps!”

This may be a fun game for you and your toddler, but what is the goal? 

Here are a few reasons why this activity can be helpful:

  • Imitation teaches turn-taking.  Turn-taking is a beginning stage of learning conversation skills.
  • It makes speech development FUN!  Anytime you can make learning fun, do it!  Learning games take the pressure of performing off your child.  (Don’t be afraid to act silly with your kids.  At this age, they still think your cool!)
  • It builds confidence.  When you are imitating your child, letting your child be the LEADER, it makes your child feel BIG and IMPORTANT!
We want our children to follow our example.  It's important for them to listen and follow our lead.  But sometimes it's fun and helpful to just DO WHAT THEY DO!

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