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See and Say

Week 10 Speech Development Tip:  Name things in your child’s environment.  Name objects (“puppy,” “bike”), use action words, (“go,” “kick”), and use descriptive words (“big,” ”funny”).

The purpose of this speech development tip is to immerse your child in language.  Naming objects is a good way to introduce and expand your child’s vocabulary.  Your child may not be able to imitate what you are saying at this point, but can learn the names of things in his or her environment.  

This is a good tip to use when you’re reading books.  Forget “reading” the book every once in awhile and just look at the pictures.  Label objects, talk about what the characters in the book are doing, and describe the objects or characters in the book.  My favorite books to do this with are Richard Scarry’s Busy Day Storybooks because they are filled with detailed, colorful, and often humorous  pictures.

Remember to talk at your child’s speech level or just one step above  your child’s level.  For example if your child is not yet labeling objects, point out objects and say what they are.  If your child is beginning to label objects, describe objects using two-word combinations (“big dog” or “red truck”).

Other ways you can practice this tip:
  • on a nature walk
  • while driving somewhere
  • at the grocery store
  • around the house
  • digging through the toy box
  • at the zoo

*This speech tip is introduced in week 10 of the speech calendar.  For more speech tips and weekly speech activities, subscribe to my speech calendar.
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