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A Treasure Hunt in the Dark!


If you and your child are adventurous or like to explore,  this may be the game for you.  Why not have fun while your working on expanding your child’s vocabulary or developing speech?  You can be as creative as you want with this.  It’s basically a treasure hunt in the dark!

Here’s how you play:
  • Collect objects or pictures of items that begin with the sound that you are focusing on for the week.  If you’re working on the /b/ sound, you can collect balls, books, bubbles, Barney, a picture of a bike, baskets, etc... You can use the sound box ideas* from the speech calendar, for more ideas.  
  • Put these things around the room or tape pictures of these things on the wall (you don’t have to hide them).
  • Turn off the lights!
  • Give your child a flashlight and help them search for the items.
  • When your child finds an object, say the name of the object and put it in the treasure chest (a decorated box, a bag, or a laundry basket).  If you want you can even dress your child up as a pirate when (s)he plays the game.
  • Once your objects are all collected (and if your child is still interested), use your treasures as a sound box and continue to play with them and practice the beginning sounds or names of the objects.

*if you don’t know what a sound box is, please refer to my short video on the home page of my website.

The Flashlight Game is a fun twist to your sound box activity!  It is also a fun way to practice the speech development tip on week 10 of your speech calendar.  

Enjoy huntin’ for ye treasures Mateys!
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