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Use the Sign "More" to Help Your Toddler Talk

More...What child does not want more of something; whether it's more juice, more milk, or wanting to "do it again." We know children want more, but how are they communicating that desire.  When a child is a late talker, it is very common to see crying, screaming, or tantrums when s(he) is wanting more.  A more positive alternative, is to introduce basic sign language.  Remember at first you need to take your child's hands and actually form the sign "more". After you have helped, your child  perform the sign, then immediately give your child more.  In time, your toddler will learn to use the sign "more" without assistance. Using sign language helps your toddler see the need for communication and will encourge your toddler to begin talking.

Watch the Video Below to Learn to Sign More

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