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Speech Development Blog by Tiffany Bartlett

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Why Use Sign Language to Help Your Toddler Talk

February 17th, 2009

You may ask yourself, “why should I use sign language to help my toddler talk?” My answer is simple.  You can’t force your child to talk, but you can teach your child to sign.  You can show him a need for communication.  From birth, babies make their needs known.  Children will continue to make their needs or wants known, even if they can not verbally communicate them.  Unfortunately, if chil ...

Working as a Team to Help Your Child Talk

February 10th, 2009

Today I wanted to work on counting with my three year old, Emily. When I got out Teddy Bears’ Counting Book, my five and six year old boys wanted to read with us. What often happens in situations like these, is the older ones take over and the younger one doesn’t have a chance to try. So, today I decided to try something new. Instead of telling my boys to find something else to do, I decid ...

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