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Speech Development Blog by Tiffany Bartlett

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Tips to Help You Use Sign Language Effectively

April 5th, 2009

So, you've decided to start using sign language to help your toddler talk.  Now, where do you start?  How do you get started?

Remember your goal:  Your goal is most likely not to teach your toddler to be a fluent signer.  Your goal may be to use basic sign language to show your child a need for communication.  Your goal may be to use basic sign language to reduce frustration or to encourage ...

Why Use Sign Language to Help Your Toddler Talk

February 17th, 2009

You may ask yourself, “why should I use sign language to help my toddler talk?” My answer is simple.  You can’t force your child to talk, but you can teach your child to sign.  You can show him a need for communication.  From birth, babies make their needs known.  Children will continue to make their needs or wants known, even if they can not verbally communicate them.  Unfortunately, if chil ...

Toddler Speech Activity - Use the Sign "Want" During Play

August 22nd, 2008

We know when our children want things. Children make it very clear when they want something. Even if they cannot talk, they will find a way to make their wants known.  Unfortunately it is often shown by grabbing, pointing, or grunting. It is important that you do not let your toddler "get away" with grunting or pointing. Grunting or pointing may be a starting place, but you can use basic sign ...

Introduce the Sign "Please" to Improve Your Toddler's Speech

August 22nd, 2008

"Please" is a great sign to use when your child is beginning to use two-word phrases. Typically, a child begins two-word phrases at 2 years of age.  So, if your child is consistently speaking or signing one word, you can begin introducing two-word phrases or puting two signs together.  For example, if you child signs ball, you can encourage them to sign, "ball please."

Watch the Video Below ...

Use the Sign "More" to Help Your Toddler Talk

August 22nd, 2008

More...What child does not want more of something; whether it's more juice, more milk, or wanting to "do it again." We know children want more, but how are they communicating that desire.  When a child is a late talker, it is very common to see crying, screaming, or tantrums when s(he) is wanting more.  A more positive alternative, is to introduce basic sign language.  Remember at first you n ...

Learn Sign Language for "Ball"

August 22nd, 2008

Ball... it's a toy that every child wants or plays with. "Ball" is a good first sign to introduce.  It is easy for little hands to sign and is definitely a toy children are familiar with.  Watch the video below to learn how to sign the word "ball". Use basic sign language every day to improve your toddler's speech.

Watch the Video Below to Learn the Sign for "ball" 

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