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When the Wrong Way Sounds So Cute!
Delayed Response: Can't I just give him what he wants?
It Takes a Village to Raise a Child
A Treasure Hunt in the Dark!
See and Say
Do What they Do!
Sing, Sing a Song!
Am I Being too Wordy?
Give Them a Chance to Communicate
Wanting to avoid Restaurant Chaos?
Think Out Loud Some More
Think Out Loud
Why Use Sign Language to Help Your Toddler Talk
Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!
Good Eye Contact is Key
Introduction to my speech tip series
Journaling Your Toddler's Journey to Talking
Comparing your Toddler's Speech Development with Others: Good Idea or Bad?
Tips and Video to Help Your Late Talker
Tips to Help You Use Sign Language Effectively
Why Use Sign Language to Help Your Toddler Talk
Working as a Team to Help Your Child Talk
Making Flash Cards Fun
Simplicity is Key in Helping Your Toddler Talk
Toddler Speech Activity - Use the Sign "Want" During Play
Introduce the Sign "Please" to Improve Your Toddler's Speech
Use the Sign "More" to Help Your Toddler Talk
Learn Sign Language for "Ball"
Encourage Speech Development with a Sound Box
Using sign language to encourage speech
Where did “K-butt” go? - my toddler’s speech development
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