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Using Sign to Encourage Communication and Help Your Toddler Talk

Watch the Videos below and begin using these signs daily

You can not make your toddler learn to talk, but you can help them communicate by teaching them basic sign language. On this page I've included links to 4 basic signs that I teach in the weekly speech calendar. Sign can be a great way to encourage speech development in your toddler and sign will also help ease your frustration at the lack of communication in your child. To view the sign language videos, click on the thumbnail image and you will be taken to another page on my site that includes a larger video of the sign. Each of the sign language videos are only 1 minute long, so if you are chasing your little one's around, this won't take too much time out of your life.

Sign Language for BallSign Language for the Word "Ball"
One important speech development tip that comes out of this video is to have your child sign the word ball before you give them the ball.
Learn to Sign Ball

Sign Language for MoreSign Language for the Word "More"
This is a great sign to use at the dinner table, a snack time, or whenever you child wants to do an activitiy again and again. Have them sign the word more before you repeat the activitiy.
Learn to Sign More

Sign Language for PleaseSign Language for the Word "Please"
Please is a great sign to use when your child is ready to start putting two words together. You are seeing improvement in your toddler's speech delay and now you might want to have them sign "ball please"
Learn to Sign Please

Sign Language for WantSign Language for the Word "Want"
Often when children have delayed communication, they grunt and point. Teaching them the sign for the word want can help eliviate both your frustration and the child's frustration.
Learn to Sign Want