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24 Week Speech Calendar

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“Create an Environment to
Help Your Toddler Talk!"

Dear Friend,

If you are a parent of a toddler who is struggling with speech, this page will help move you and your child in the right direction!

Right now, my calling in life is to be a mom. As a mom I know that I want the absolute best for my kids, and I'm sure you want the best for your little one(s) as well.

As you struggle to watch your child learn to talk, you've likely experienced some of the frustrations I've seen first hand as a speech assistant.

LiamHello Tiffany!
I was so happy to have found you online last week, and was so happy to be able to subscribe and receive all the information that you had available. It is all easy to follow and have given us great hints and working with Liam to develop his speech.

Allison Deighton
Liam's Mom

Does any of this sound familiar?

There must be something you can do, but first...

There's a bit of bad news you must know...

I can't make your child talk. -- You can't make your child talk. -- No one can make your child talk.

Now the Good News...

By doing the activities in the speech calendar and following the speech tips I've provided, you are creating the best environment for your child to learn to talk. This I can guarantee!

100% Money Back Guarantee - If you try the calendar for 90 days and you don't have a ton of fun and see improvement in your child, simply mail the calendar to me and I will send you a refund.

My ultimate goal is just to help you.  I want to see you down on your hands and knees, playing, laughing, singing, and signing with your child. I guarantee if you do this, you will bond with your child in a very special way, communication will develop, and you will have a blast!

Get all 200+ Activities Now

Thanks Tiffany! ... I'm so excited to get started. We had so much fun with "M" week! My son liked all the activities, but his favorite by far was the sound box. What a great idea! I will certainly keep you posted on our progress ... Thanks again for your wonderful system! We're having fun already.

Laurie Hougentogler
Mother of 1

Here is what a Speech Calendar Subscription includes...

  1. 24 Weekly emails with links to simple speech activities any parent can do.
  2. 8 activities per week that focus on one of the 10 beginning speech sounds.
  3. Sound box ideas for each beginning sound.
  4. Weekly speech development tips.
  5. A link to download the weekly activities in a PDF format.

Here is how you will benefit from a Speech Calendar Subscription...

If you are feeling overwhelmed about your child's speech delay, these speech activities are a great place to start.  If your child is becoming more and more frustrated when (s)he is unable to communicate a need or want, these speech activities are a great starting place to improve your toddler's speech.

The weekly emails will keep the goal of improving your toddler's speech in front of you.  Have you ever set a goal, but failed to accomplish it?  Maybe you lost your vision of completing your goal.  This 6 month subscription will remind you each week to persevere and do all you can to get your toddler talking!

The emails will provide hope and encouragement.  When you look back 90 days from now, or 6 months from now, you will be amazed and encouraged to you see how far your child has come.

Here's How to Receive the Speech Calendar

Simply click on the "order now" button below. Once you click, you will be taken to another page where I will ask you to make a choice.

You can purchase the speech activities and gain instant access via PDF download for $20.00,

Or purchase the speech activites and gain instant access + have a copy of all the activities mailed to your door for $30.00.

Click on the button below to get started in creating an environment to foster your child's communication. This is a special introductory price - take advantage of it today.

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Remember, everything is delivered electronically, so there's no waiting. You can get started today! Plus you can have a printed version delivered to your door for just $10.00 more!

So, if you agree that you are ready to start helping your toddler talk by creating an environment to nuture communication, you can take action now.

I look forward to hearing about your success with the "Speech Calendar"

'talk' to you soon,
Tiffany Bartlett, B. Ed.
Creator of the "Speech Calendar"

P.S. If you're still reading this letter, it probably means you haven't quite made up your mind... so let me make it simple for you.

Ask yourself the following question:

Are you positive that you are doing everything you can to create an environment that will encourage your toddler's speech?

If your answer was NO, then I encourage you to take advantage of this offer! Since the purchase is 100% guaranteed, you have absolutely nothing to lose.