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Tiffany Bartlett

Tiffany and Emily Friend and Mother of 3

Tiffany and her family moved back to Wichita, KS in the summer of 2009, after living in Vancouver, British Columbia for seven years.  Before having kids, she has worked as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant at Rainbows United, Inc. (RUI) in Wichita, KS.  Her speciality at RUI was making home visits to families whose babies or toddlers had a speech delay.  She taught parents and caregivers how to encourage speech during play.

Tiffany moved with her husband to Canada in 2002, where all three of her children were born.  It was while in Vancouver, that friends began asking about how they could help their toddlers talk.  Tiffany would give advice and spend time with her friends who had toddlers.  Her consultations were not done from a professional stand point, but as a mother and friend. 

After receiving numerous requests and at the encouragement of her husband, Tiffany decided to create a Speech Calendar that included many of the activities she did with infants and toddlers while working at RUI.

As you can imagine, Tiffany stays quite busy with three young children, so hobbies and special interests outside of family life are few.  She is involved in a church in Wichita, called River Community.  When time allows Tiffany loves to read, enjoys time with her friends, and time with her family.  She also is looking forward to volunteering in her childrens' classrooms this year!  Now that she lives close to her parents and three sisters, her children get to spend lots of fun times with their grandparents and cousins!

If you'd like to contact Tiffany, please email her at tiffany@speechcalendar.com.

Thank you!

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